“Over the last few years we have made a lot of discoveries regarding the challenges minorities and diverse owned businesses face in strengthening their ventures. Although there have been strides to expanding funding opportunities the last couple years, tangible access to external funding as a resource to grow businesses is still a steep uphill climb for minorities. We have created new models to support diverse owned businesses in the process of contract access, procurement and capacity building. Contracts and customers can fuel growth with the same impact as funding so converting conversations to contracts is fundamental to the success of diverse owned businesses,” says Genesis Block CEO Girard Newkirk.

About Genesis Block

Conversations To Contracts


“At Genesis Block our goal with Conversations to Contracts is to organize large companies and organizations so that we can gather millions of dollars in spending opportunities into one room. We then pair organizations with qualified diverse owned businesses and local small business owners. Over 70% of contract conversion happens in trade show and networking style environments so we want to foster collaboration with our events, really honing in on the art of conversion and increasing transaction opportunities for minority owned businesses,” Genesis Block President Tracey Newkirk



  1. COWORKING: Genesis Block Coworking Community
    provides the space you need to grow and the
    community to inspire.
  2. EDUCATION: Our Entrepreneur Academy provides
    unique courses for small business owners and
    entrepreneurs with any background. Our variety of
    offered course modules, seminars, and workshops to
    take your business to the next level!
  3. TECHNOLOGY: ANZA is a technology platform
    designed to support the growth and connection of
    minority and women owned businesses. The platform
    pairs minority owned business with anchor institutions
    and prime contractors.

Genesis Block - Demo Day


Genesis Block Demo Day is the culmination event for the participants of the Wits Begin and Jumpstart Academy program.  Graduates will get the opportunity to pitch their business to hundreds of guests, business leaders, community supporters and potential investors.


Supporting Sustainable Diverse Owned Businesses


Genesis Bridge Technology provides solutions to simplify inclusive sourcing, supply chain management and sustainability reporting. The aim is to streamline the procurement process for large organizations and give diverse, small businesses access to greater transaction opportunities. Genesis Bridge empowers members of the network with visibility to manage spending, build resiliency and source locally diverse owned businesses.


Genesis Block - Entrepreneurs Academy

Basics of Business: The Basics of Business program is designed for those just getting started and we help you take that first step into entrepreneurship.  The overall objective of this program is to provide you with a step by step process on what you need to start your own business. The program runs for 7 weeks and includes 4 in person workshops at Genesis Block. Interested in joining our Basics of Business program apply here

Jumpstart Academy:The Jumpstart Academy works great for those early stage entrepreneurs seeking to validate their business idea/model in a collaborative and supportive environment. Interested in joining our next Jumpstart academy apply here

WITS BEGIN: The Wits Begin Incubator works great for entrepreneurs who need to put their business model to test. You will join a community of likeminded business owners, cultivate a self-designed action plan for your business, and engage with resource partners that will guide you from day one. If you are ready to test your business model and grow customers the Wits Begin Incubator is for you! Interested in joining Wits Begin apply here

BACK ON THE BLOCK: our minority business accelerator is designed to accelerate the development of minority and women-owned businesses.  Our program helps minority businesses get access to tools, resources, networking, and capital to grow. Interested in joining our next minority business accelerator apply here.


Tracey and Girard Newkirk

Tracey and Girard Newkirk are the Cofounders of Genesis Block.  The couple share a passion for community building through development of entrepreneurs, small business and collaboration among stakeholders.

Tracey Newkirk, is a Certified Personal Resilience Coach and the  Founder UNEXO, a boutique consultancy helping leaders build high-performance teams. She currently serves on the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Board, chairing  African American Business Council and the WARM (Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministries Board.

Girard Newkirk is a technology entrepreneur Founder and CEO of KWHCoin and Genesis Block..  Girard is a native of Pender County and moved back to the Wilmington area by way of San Jose, California in November of 2018 with a mission to develop technology, entrepreneurship and the small business ecosystem in the Cape Fear Region. In 2019,  KWHCoin won the Coastal Entrepreneur Awards Emerging Company for the company’s work on combining renewable energy and technology.  He serves on the boards of the Cape Fear Economic Development Committee, Cape Fear Collective, and Cape Fear Community College Information Technology Committee.

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