To bridge the gap that disconnects diverse owned businesses from contracting and growth opportunities


To build an intelligent and secure business network for inclusive commerce and transaction activities

Strategic Objective

Organize and manage the companies in the Genesis Block business network in tracking credentials, certifications (compliance) and ratings of entrepreneurs and contractors, RFP/ Proposal and contracts converted on the network

Target Audience

● Diverse owned businesses

● Contractors

● Skilled labor technicians

● Government agencies

● Prime contractors

● Large, anchor organizations

Product Offerings

● Company Marketing https://genesislist.net/

● Contract Management anza.app

● Digital Identity https://dev.anza.app/search

2023 Success Targets

● 500 attendees for Converting Conversations to Contract sevents

● $2.5 million dollars in contracts awarded to diverse owned businesses

● Launch of Genesis Bridge (Genesislist.net website and Genesis Bridge app and website)

● 5000 companies in Genesis Bridge database

● 200 members of Genesis Block Business network

● 2500 subscribers to The Block Report Newsletter

Organize Companies By Industry Sector

● Create questions for Genesis List to build company marketing profile

● Create Genesis Bridge questionnaire to build entrepreneur/ contractor credential profile

Genesis Bridge Entrepreneur/ Contractor Journey

Step 1 - Digital Identity

● Onboarding Process –Create Profile on Genesis List

● Onboarding Process -Create Profile on Genesis Bridge

● Business Development Questionnaire

● Capabilities Statement – from app questionnaire create digital capabilities statement

Step 2 - Entrepreneur and Workforce Development

● Assess Entrepreneur and Technical Training

● Recommend Placement in Genesis Block Academy

● Recommend Pipeline Placement in V2E

● Assess Training in Relation to CFCC

Step 3 - Marketing

● The Block Report – (Features)

● Social Media Platforms

● Local Media Features

● Large Business Networking

Step 4 - Conversations to Contracts

● Exhibitor booths

● Business networking

● Trade partner pairing

Step 5 - Supply Chain Management

● Contract management

● Compliance management

● Local trade partner pairing

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