To support local food entrepreneurs with quality training, brand development and low cost access to markets from ideation to commercialization


To build a network of food entrepreneurs, producers and start ups committed to delivering quality food experiences

Strategic Objective

Block Eatz’s strategic objective is to establish a network of food hall incubators in partnership with local farmers, local food entrepreneurs and startups. Block Eatz food hall incubator will serve as the “food hub destination” along with other distribution partners in the food network

Target Market







Product Offerings




2023 Success Targets

●25 Food Companiesin Block Eatz ecosystem

●Successful Open of Block Eatz at McKeithan Center

●$350,000 Revenue for Block Eatz at McKeithan Center

●Secure Chef’s Vision at Block Eatz Corporate Sponsor

●500 Subscribers to Block Eatz Newsletter

Food Producer Pipeline

●Small scale farmers

●Community colleges

●Small business centers


●Cooks and Line Service Associates


●Chef’s Vision at Block Eatz

●Block Eatz Newsletter

●Social media

●Local media features

●Demo Day

Chef's Vision at Block Eatz Meetup Structure

●Community Update/ Announcements/ Recognition

●Featured Chef Presentation

●15 min workshop

●Business Networking

Technical Skills Training

●Food service workshops

●Business of food seminars

●Mentoring-Establish peer network for Block Eatz ecosystem

Food Safety

●Food safety training

●Permit walks

Recommended Path for Block Eatz Food Hall Residency

●Successful completion of Jumpstart Academy

●Present at Jump start Demo Day

●Present at Chef’s Vision at Block Eatzs

●Present at 1 Million Cups

●Successful completion of Wits Begin

●Present at Wits Begin Demo Day

●Recommendation from Business Advisor

●Recommendation from Food Service Mentor

●Achieve target Entrepreneur Rating

●Achieve target Access to Capital Rating

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