Secure Contracts with NCDOT for Disaster Response & Recovery

Are you ready to advance your business and become a key player in North Carolina’s disaster response and recovery services? The Ready Willing Able (RWA) List is your opportunity to access critical supply chains and grow your business.

Why Join the Ready Willing Able List

Genesis Block and the NCDOT Office of Civil Rights (OCR) have partnered to create a disaster recovery database in the event of a state emergency due to hurricanes or other natural disasters that ensures Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) are a part of this critical marketplace and opportunity for business growth.

The Ready Willing Able List was created to champion equity in emergency response and recovery transportation contracts with the NCDOT. We’re committed to empowering Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) to thrive in a broader marketplace by providing assistance with certification, supporting strategic business development, and facilitating access to key contract opportunities.

How your business can make a difference by joining the Ready Willing Able list graphic. We are looking for businesses who can provide hauling, clearning/grubbing, removal/demo, pipe installation, traffic control, tree removal, landscaping, debris removal, cut & shove, bridge repair, and other hurricane response services.

Is Your Business Ready?

To qualify for emergency contract opportunities, your business must meet specific criteria:

  • Operate for-profit only
  • Demonstrate social and economic disadvantage
  • Meet small business size limits
  • Prove 51% ownership
  • Be an independent business
  • Possess operational and managerial control
  • Own preferred equipment for emergency responses
  • Hold Worker’s Comp and General Liability insurance

Inquire About Ready Willing Able Today!

Don’t miss the chance to secure emergency contract opportunities and propel your business to new heights. Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of disaster response and recovery services with the Ready Willing Able List.

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