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Genesis Block helps municipalities develop a network of flexible, highly trained minority owned firms to support local supply chain resilience.

Genesis Block hosts Conversations to Contracts events in partnership with state, local government agencies, anchor institutions and corporate partners. The goal is to connect minority owned businesses with contracting opportunities and to provide them with the resources necessary to strengthen their ventures.

Conversations to Contracts creates a trade show-like atmosphere, tailored for small and diverse-owned businesses, potential trade partners, procurement professionals, and financial partners with the goal to foster the development of meaningful partnerships. We know these alliances are crucial in stimulating economic activity and diversifying supply chains, making it a win-win for everyone.

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60% of Genesis Block large organizations made impactful connections that could result in customer relationships.

Conversations to Contracts lowers the barriers to economic success by providing access to the following key drivers.

Traditionally, Black and Hispanic-owned businesses have lacked access to capital that fuels many high-growth industries. Conversations to Contracts partners with financial institutions for them to build relationships with diverse-owned businesses and connect them with products suited for their stage in business development.

More customers for minority owned businesses will increase revenue which provides the resources for companies to increase their capacity. We intentionally partner with organizations focused on increasing their diversity spend and expanding their supply chain to include diverse-owned businesses.

Strategic expertise and technical training are significant impediments to MBEs being competitive in the marketplace. Conversations to Contracts workshops provide insights and analysis for minority-owned business enterprises to gain the information and networks needed to grow their business.

Currently over 53% of minority owned businesses generated sales revenue during 2023 Converting Conversations to Contracts events.
  • Visibility: Garner invaluable exposure in front of a concentrated audience seeking diversity in business relationships.
  • Networking: Form strategic alliances with other diverse-owned businesses and potential clients.
  • Knowledge & Skill-building: Gain actionable insights from workshops tailor-made for Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs).
  • Access to Capital: Meet and engage with financial institutions to explore your growth opportunities.

Diverse owned business register here.

  • Diverse Market: Access a market that is actively seeking to diversify their business relationships.
  • Credibility: Associate your brand with an event focused on inclusion, diversity, and community development.
  • Direct Engagement: Communicate directly with decision-makers, bypassing the usual barriers to entry.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Align your business with organizations committed to diversity, enhancing your brand’s values.
  • Expand Customer Base: Leverage this platform to convert meaningful conversations into profitable contracts.

Register here to become an exhibitor.

  • Register for free to attend our Conversations to Contracts event.
  • Meet the founders in your community and make 2024 a year to intentionally support diverse-owned businesses.
  • Honor Black History Month by engaging with historically underrepresented businesses. Learn about growing enterprises in your community and how you can help accelerate their growth.
  • Be inspired to start your own business!

Register here to attend.

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Genesis Block has set an ambitious company goal in 2024 to connect minority owned firms to over $2.5 million dollars in contracting opportunities.

In 2023, the Conversations to Contracts platform secured over $327,890 in minority contracts with $260,000 remaining in the pipeline. This level of business activity, knowledge sharing and community engagement provides great value to organizations. To inquire about sponsorship review here.

Join us on February 23rd from 9 AM -12 PM at Union Station on the campus of Cape Fear Community College to shake hands, get certified to land government contracts, find new supporting partners, and build ongoing relationships.

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