The new year is here and so is our first Jumpstart Academy cohort of 2024! Over the next eight weeks, these founders will embark on an immersive experience that provides comprehensive skills training, free webinars, and virtual seminars. This program imparts lean business development principles and offers invaluable mentoring developed through monthly consultations. Jumpstart Academy is the launchpad to turn business dreams into a validated idea.

Welcome to our first cohort of 2024!

Jumpstart Academy cohorts: February 2024 cohort
  • Cheri Cook, JustJazzy54 LLC
  • Ashley Hall, Grace of Jordan
  • Melissa Shuford, Funkshun at the Junkshun
  • Selena & Dale Sutton, Grandma Joe’s Old Fashion Peanut Brittle
  • Sharee Baldwin, Blendsations Beverage Bar & Cafe, LLC.
  • Edith King, Etcetera Art + Play
  • Dawn McDowell, Creatively Covered Co LLC

Who the Academy Serves

Jumpstart Academy’s dedication to inclusivity is evident in its customized approach. Developed in collaboration with Granitt Training, the curriculum is specifically designed to assist community entrepreneurs, minority-owned enterprises, and local businesses. We embrace the strength of diverse perspectives, recognizing that every business idea holds the capacity to foster economic growth and community prosperity.

Business Idea Validation at Demo Day

At the end of the program is Demo Day, a highly-anticipated event where graduates of the Jumpstart Academy will take the stage to showcase their validated business ideas. Each entrepreneur will have four minutes to present their validated business idea before the community. Stay tuned to your inbox to hear more!

Tracey and Girard Newkirk, co-founders of Genesis Block with Jumpstart Academy cohort members at Demo Day

Ready to Jumpstart your own business? — Enroll in our next cohort!

If you are interested or know of anyone who may be interested, visit the link below to apply for the next Jumpstart Academy program, kicking off in March! Follow our social media pages or keep an eye on your inbox to stay up to date on the latest.

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